Click on the form name and a new window will open with the form or it will download automatically.  If you need any help please contact us.

Player Profile
This form is used once you are accepted to a 2019 team going to play in Limerick Ireland.

Trip Information Sheet
This form is used to make sure we know who else is coming on the trip and who to book events for.

2009/08/07/06/05 Boys & Girls Payment Voucher
This should be filled out and mailed with every payment.

Payments are to be mailed to: Montco Select, 1230 Stanwood Street, Philadelphia PA 19111.  Checks are to be made payable to Montco Select.

Payment Deadlines

1st Payment Due: October 31, 2018 ($500 a person, attending & staying on campus)
2nd Payment Due: February 1, 2019
3rd Payment Due: March 1, 2019
4th Payment Due: April 1, 2019
Final Payment Due: May 1, 2019 (FULL BALANCE DUE per person, attending & staying on campus)

Payments are non-refundable.